Indian Marbles, one of the most beautiful natural stones, is well-known for its beautiful, stunning textures, strength, and durability. Kusum Marbles is the renowed indian marble manufacturers, supplier & exporters in Kishangarh, India. We have the largest collection of exceptionally beautiful Statuario as well as white marbles. If you are interested in providing the most beautiful and shining touch to your new home, office, or any other living space, then your first choice should be a delicate and regal marble for floors and kitchen tops.


Kusum Marbles has a high reputation for providing Indian marble in quality and natural shine to use for commercial and residential purposes. According to the Indian market, white marbles are high in demand, and that is what you will get here. Besides, we also export white Indian marble, pink, gold, onyx, and more other colors. You can browse through the large collection of beautiful Indian marble at reasonable rates.


The high-quality marbles that you get at Kusum Marbles are definitely a notch above synthetic vitrified or porcelain tiles and are available in a wide range of colors and varieties, depending upon your taste and preference. The affordable prices and stunning look of the Indian marbles will put you in dilemma, and it is difficult for you to choose between Indian or Italian marble. In such scenarios, you can contact our experts who would provide you with a detailed analysis.

The characteristic feature of Indian Marbles:

  • They have stunning appearances and are available in different finishes, colors and textures.
  • The Indian marbles have medium luster, but that doesn’t decrease their look and feel when compared to Italian marbles.
  • These marbles are extremely durable and sturdy. So they are the best choice when it comes to floors, bathroom walls, kitchen countertops, and other tabletops.

To know more about the Indian Marbles prices, you can contact Kusum Marbles. As compared to other manufacturers and suppliers, we will offer you the best Indian marble prices based on the Indian marble types you prefer.