Katni Marble

Katni Marble
Product Name Katni Marble
Cut Sizes 30 cm X 30 cm, 30 cm X 60 cm, 60 cm X 60 cm, 60 cm X 120 cm & Customized Sizes also Available
Thickness 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm Available
Finishes Honed, Polish, Antique, Brushed, Hydro, Shot-Blast, Flamed
Applications Countertops, Flooring, Wall Cladding

Katni Marble Designs

Katni Marble is one of the most popular choices for home flooring. This is mostly due to its ability to give an elegant look to even a modest surrounding. It’s brilliant bold and distinctive veining across the white background gives off a rich and peaceful aura to whichever room it is applied to. This makes it an ideal choice amongst all the marbles, for getting a designer, stylist and modern home decor. Other than flooring, this marble finds various applications including countertops, interiors as well as exteriors of the home.

Katni Marble has a great similarity with the Italian Marble designs, which makes it popular amongst people looking out for getting Italian designs without importing it to their respective towns. Also, when compared with the Italian marbles, Katni Marble price is much less than it. You can get the best Katni Marble price with us. At Kusum Marbles, we provide you with excellent Katni Marbles, which give you multitudes of benefits, including:

  • High quality
  • Long-lasting and highly durable
  • Available in various shapes, sizes, and finishes
  • Cheaper rate
  • Perfect and smooth finishing
  • Requires very little to almost no maintenance

Kusum Marbles is one of the leading Katni Marble Suppliers & exporter and we can provide you with the best Katni Marble Price in Kishangarh. We are known for providing quality marbles to our clients. We have happily served many customers and have helped them renovate their old broken homes with our brilliant, modern-looking Katni Marble. Get your home and office the charm and grandeur it deserves! We provide you with samples too, so that you know how and what your marble would look like. All you need to do is choose the colour, finishing, and shape of the marble. So contact us right away so as to get the best Katni Marble price quoted for you.